Savannah Bohlin

Upgraded from Kajabi to her own app

Savannah Rae Bohlin is editor-in-chief of Blissful Bohemian, certified personal trainer, holistic health guru, and model. Savannah's app 'The Portal' is all about holistic health, sustainable fitness, and natural beauty for the modern day hippie.

Created her own custom, branded app

Engages with her subscribers better

Provides a superior user experience

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The Portal
Revenue with 250 clients
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The Portal


$22.22 per month.
iOS, Android, Web
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Interactive routines at 6am every day

Each morning Blissful Bohemian subscribers join pre-recorded interactive energy routines to kick start the day. At lunchtime subscribers can choose from a selection of 21 meditation tracks.

Live-streaming classes every evening

Savannah offers must-watch live classes for her subscribers through her PassionApp

Nudging subscribers to keep them on track

Savannah sends push notification to her subscribers to keep them motivated, reminding them to tune in for live streams & meditatation, as well as upselling them to high-ticket personal coaching offers

Provides a superior, mobile first user experience

Savannah's target audience is millennials who prefer a mobile experience & apps. With her own custom branded app she can sell via global iOS and Google App stores with new subscribers able to pay with one click!

Completed Passion's expert training to take her business to the next level

Having converted her existing audience to her PassionApp, Savannah used the Expert Freedom training to develop a paid marketing strategy & is now driving next level growth

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“If you can be the help you wish you’d had, infinite money & fulfilment await”
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The Portal
Revenue with 250 clients
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