Savannah Bohlin

Upgraded from Kajabi to her own app

Savannah Rae Bohlin is editor-in-chief of Blissful Bohemian, certified personal trainer, holistic health guru, and model. Savannah's app 'The Portal' is all about holistic health, sustainable fitness, and natural beauty for the modern day hippie.

Created her own custom, branded app

Engages with her subscribers better

Provides a superior user experience

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The Portal
Revenue with 250 clients
On a roll! :)
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The Portal


$22.22 per month.
iOS, Android, Web
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did it

Interactive routines at 6am every day

Each morning Blissful Bohemian subscribers join pre-recorded interactive energy routines to kick start the day. At lunchtime subscribers can choose from a selection of 21 meditation tracks.

Live-streaming classes every evening

Savannah offers must-watch live classes for her subscribers through her PassionApp

Nudging subscribers to keep them on track

Savannah sends push notification to her subscribers to keep them motivated, reminding them to tune in for live streams & meditatation, as well as upselling them to high-ticket personal coaching offers

Provides a superior, mobile first user experience

Savannah's target audience is millennials who prefer a mobile experience & apps. With her own custom branded app she can sell via global iOS and Google App stores with new subscribers able to pay with one click!

Completed Passion's expert training to take her business to the next level

Having converted her existing audience to her PassionApp, Savannah used the Expert Freedom training to develop a paid marketing strategy & is now driving next level growth

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Savannah's PassionFighter Tip

“If you can be the help you wish you’d had, infinite money & fulfilment await”
Get started now
The Portal
Revenue with 250 clients
On a roll! :)
Feeling strong!!!!

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Customer Reviews

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This is the answer for you!

So far navigating the program online and through the app is straight forward, not overwhelming and totally exciting! Really looking forward to continuing on this journey!!

May 2021
Monique Spence

I never thought I could do this on my own!

I am loving the experience of identifying my dream client, and building my dream app! This is everything I was looking for to scale my business! I never thought I could do this on my own! I love it!

May 2021
Siteline Productions

AWESOME...Don't hesitate... go for it! is a platform that will make a positive difference to your business whether you are an experienced business owner or totally new to online business. I have learnt so much! Passion is easy to use, the staff and Dan are supporter, knowledgeable, and guide you step by step .. Expert Unleashed and Expert Freedom are something special.. you will not believe what you achieve in 30 days! The community that has created keep you on track are are truly supportive. has opened up a whole new area of business for me that would not have been possible a year ago.

May 2021
Kali Nyx

Changed my business.

Honestly, the Expert Unleashed Challenge training alone is worth the price of the package👌! The private Facebook community is amazing as well, you can really see that it works once you scroll through and see a few people's journeys, and everyone there is so supportive, cheering each other on and giving detailed advice, it's brilliant for accountability and encouragement. The app-builder interface itself is really easy to use, I've not launched to the stores yet so I can't speak to that process yet, but I'm excited to get to it when my first product is ready!

May 2021
Kahu Oni

What I Needed

So far I am having a great time learning and fine tuning my craft. Being part of the Passion Fighters has helped me to channel my vision into reality. I would have never been able to do this like how I am doing this now. This was definitely the next piece of the puzzle and I'm rocking it.

May 2021
Clint Heinze

Fabulous and quick program

Honestly, the Expert Unleashed Challenge training alone has been worth it! The Passion Fighters Facebook community has also been amazing: you can really see that it is changing people's lives as you scroll through and see a few people's journeys. Everyone there is cheering each other on and giving detailed advice, and is great for accountability and encouragement. The app-builder interface is really easy to use (similar to a build your own website platform like Wix or Squarespace). I haven't launched yet, so I can't speak to the process yet, but I'm excited to get it rolling and help my community!

May 2021
Mikael van Soest

This is a well established app creating platform.

They really take you by the hand and teach you.

May 2021
Robyne Sarah Corcoran

PASSION magnified my impact

PASSION magnified and broadened my impact, providing the platform and guiding me to create the structure that was in my heart to offer clients who were searching for emotional freedom through my new LOVE WINS app! Thank you Dan, Georgie and team!

May 2021

I was a bit of a sceptic when i started this.

This program is amazing! It is worth every penny. Not only do you get a pretty amazing app platform - they guide you through every step of making a successful, scalable business - I MEAN EVERY STEP! I just launched and have filled 8/10 ten spots in my expensive 6 week program. AND... I still feel like this is just the tip of the iceberg.

May 2021
Dharamjot Khalsa

It is easy to use and well supported.

Building a course has been something I was struggling with for awhile but passion makes it so step by step building your confidence all the way.

May 2021
Aidan O'Neil

Great step by step app building program with world class support

If you have your own business and want to go online, this is a great opportunity to do it in a very short time. Even if you are working crazy hours and think you have no time to spare. Even if you have no experience in using social media and you always thought it’s too late or you’re too old to start now. The step by step process leads you through every aspect needed to build your own app and take your business online. No preparation needed, you just follow and trust the awesome process! This program will bring you closer to your dream of living a lifestyle of freedom and helping many other people at the same time. I haven’t launched my app yet but will do soon. Currently I am half way through the course and have learnt a ton of new things. I can’t wait to continue and launch my own app soon. Thank you so much for the great opportunity and your world class support!

May 2021
Marlene Cruz

Highly Recommend Passion. I couldn't be happier.

I have been working with Passion for a year. I couldn't be happier. They are professional, they deliver, and it took me only 30 days to go from a concept, to having an app and full coaching program. They have helped me set up for success. Their process is simple and easy to follow. I highly recommend them.

May 2021
Nicole P

From idea to reality

Passion has helped me turn an idea into a reality... and held my hand along the way. I was full of doubts, overwhelmed, unstructured, and didn‘t know where to start. Now I know where I‘m going, I have support when doubt creeps in and super excited about what I can bring to the world! The journey has been amazing.

May 2021
Brandon Aubin

Highly Recommend

Efficient and service of great quality.

May 2021
Allie Cooper

Absolutely recommend 10/10

I’ve been a PassionFighter for over a year and I can’t imagine running my business without it. Easy to use platform, great support team, and supportive community - 10/10 recommend!

May 2021
Rose Henry

Best program out there.

Highly recommended

May 2021
Filipe Baumeister

Awesome learnings!

Great group and community and huge integrity!! Would recommend them to anyone!!

Mar 2021
Patrik Paustian

One of the best decisions I made

Great way of building a business on autopilot !! Great structure, Dan knows what we need and his strategies simply work!

Mar 2021
Ana Rita Valente

I arrived at struggling with money

I arrived at struggling with money, and with a lack of capacity to believe in my dreams. I did courses before and I was even running courses in sites but with 0 success. Pasion did give me the tools, and the community to achieve what I dream. I made 17 days (I did run the challenge in less time) 2500 euros with 5 clients and better I believe in impossible now and I want more... Thank You

Mar 2021
Julie Li

Amazing experience!

I've learned so much from and I feel that I'm stretched in every area of my life while I'm trying to produce this app. It's not easy, but I'm determined to do my best.

Feb 2021

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