The new experience launched April 17, 2024 for all creators. If you have questions about this change, read on for answers!

Building and running your app just got easier! We've updated the platform with new features to make everything simple and fun for you.

Discover what's new

We're excited to introduce a range of new features that will improve your app-building experience, including:

  • Collect first and last names during sign-up to engage with your users in a personal way.
  • Easily manage users and export data.
  • Benefit from multitasking capabilities, streamlined navigation, and improved accessibility.
  • Build and manage your business from any device, including your phone.
  • And more!
We are rolling it out gradually. If you don’t see it yet you will soon.

🧭 Find What You Need Easily

  • Access anytime, anywhere: Build and manage your app from any device, whether it's your desktop or your phone, giving you the flexibility to work on-the-go.
  • Your app, front and center: Preview your app throughout the entire building process to make sure it looks just right.
  • Easy-to-follow steps: We've put together a clear checklist that takes you from your first day to getting your app live.
  • Launch faster: You can now start with just a community and add content later if you want to. This makes the launch process simpler and more flexible.
  • Save time & effort: Manage different aspects of your app, such as users and pricing plans, whilst editing your content from your desktop.
  • Account settings just a click away, including your billing information

👩‍💻 Manage Your Subscriptions & Understand Your Audience Better

  • Save hours with bulk data export: Export user data in batches to manage it more easily.
  • Personalize interactions: Get first and last names during sign-up, and build stronger connections with your audience.
  • Gain insights: See all users subscribed to specific plans and filter them by plan or payment type.
  • Keep your app organized: Remove inactive or test accounts to keep your app tidy.
  • Add users from your phone: Add new users on-the-go, ensuring that your audience continues to grow seamlessly.
  • Provide support effortlessly: Reset passwords for users experiencing issues, and provide timely support when needed.
  • Keep your records accurate: Edit user contact details as needed to ensure that your user database remains up-to-date.
  • Stay updated in real-time: Get instant updates on new subscribers so you can engage with them promptly.

🎨 Make Your App Stand Out

  • Customize your app colors:  Easily personalize your app's color scheme to match your brand identity. Pick your primary color, and we'll suggest complementary colors to ensure accessibility.
  • Iconic navigation: Select custom navigation icons for your app tabs, creating an intuitive and visually appealing navigation experience.
  • Ensure compliance: Customize your privacy policy to build trust and confidence among your users.
  • Enhance accessibility: Enable dark mode to improve user experience in low-light conditions, making your app accessible to a broader audience.

💪 Get Support When You Need It

  • Chat support: Get quick help with chat support directly in the app.
  • Access to Help Center: Quickly find answers to your questions by navigating directly to the Help Center within the app.
  • Customize notifications: Control your notifications to stay informed without feeling overwhelmed.
  • Clarity on pricing: Understand pricing options clearly when creating plans.
  • Understand your app status: Stay updated on your app submission progress.

⚙️ More Stability & App Performance

  • Enhanced platform stability: Enjoy a smoother user experience with fewer disruptions and downtime.
  • Improved traceability: Enabling data-driven decision-making and strategic planning for your app's growth.

This is just the beginning

With the new platform, we've worked hard to make app creation and management easier for you. Now, you can do it all from your phone or computer, whenever it suits you best. We've added features like capturing user info to personalize their experience, managing subscriptions with ease, and making your app unique with custom colors and icons.

But we're not stopping here: We're dedicated to making your experience even better. We're constantly listening to your feedback, gathering data, and finding ways to improve.

So, let's keep building, growing, and achieving together. The best is yet to come!