This year started really big. And, we’re planning even bigger things for the upcoming period. 

Here’s what we worked on in February: 

  • Improving the new course design we released in January
  • Bug fixes
  • Setting the stage for Passion’s mobile editor and upcoming dashboard transformation

New Course Design

The biggest change that happened this year was the course redesign. 

Here are the changes we implemented: 

✅ A clean design for your courses that matches your brand colors

✅ Expanded course details page

✅ Easier download process

✅ Redesigned course list

✅ Redesigned lesson screen with a new look of all the text elements and widgets

✅ New desktop view of the web app

✅ Reimagined interactive and timed exercises

Coming Soon: Editing Courses From Your Mobile Phone and Web App

This month, we’ve been working on implementing the option to edit courses from your mobile phone and web app. If all goes according to plan, we’ll release this change in April. 

The options we’re implementing are: 

✅ Adding new courses, lessons, and sequences from your mobile device

✅ Adding new courses, lessons, and sequences from your web app

✅ Editing all your course content from your mobile device and web app

✅ Adding, editing, and removing widgets in your content from your mobile phone and web app

✅ Copying the links to your courses, lessons, sequences, messages, communities, and channels and pasting them inside or outside the app

We plan to keep adding functionalities to this new editor in the future. 

Eventually, we’ll redesign the course editing experience to an easy-to-use editor embedded directly in your app (both mobile and web). Don't worry - we will give you all information you need before the changes happen.

Next Webinar

Our last webinar happened in January. In case you missed it, here’s the recording: 

The next webinar is planned for March 16th at 6 PM Berlin time (12 PM New York, 9 AM Los Angeles, 5 PM London).

We’ll talk about all the new changes coming up and take a look at some of the most exciting Passion apps.

Don’t miss it!

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