March was a very busy month at Passion, and we’ve prepared some big releases for the upcoming period. 

Here’s what we’re currently working on: 

  • Adding casting/AirPlay options to the video player
  • Enabling you to add/edit courses and lessons directly from your mobile device
  • Enabling you to add/edit courses and lessons directly from your web app
  • Adding the options to copy and paste links to courses and lessons
  • More options to style your buttons inside your lessons
  • Carousel-style view of courses

In addition, we’ve started rolling out community notifications to all the members of our Ultimate plan. 

We're expecting all these changes to be released in the upcoming weeks.

Coming Soon: Editing Courses From Your Mobile Phone and Web App

The options we’re implementing are: 

✅ Adding new courses, lessons, and sequences from your mobile device

✅ Adding new courses, lessons, and sequences from your web app

✅ Editing all your course content from your mobile device and web app

✅ Adding, editing, and removing widgets in your content from your mobile phone and web app

✅ Copying the links to your courses, lessons, sequences, messages, communities, and channels and pasting them inside or outside the app

🎉 Community Notifications for All Ultimate Creators

If you’ve signed up for our Ultimate pricing plan, it means that you’ll be getting one of the most exciting things we’ve created–Community Notifications.

You and your users will be getting notifications when: 

✅ Someone messages you

✅ Someone tags you in a channel

✅ Someone replies to your comment

To enable this feature on your app–we might need your help. So, please check your email regularly, as, in the upcoming weeks, we’ll send instructions on the action required on your end to make this feature available to you. 

Stay tuned to be the first to know about when all these updates will get released!

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