Update November 2022: We recently added some more changes to the community feature. Check out these articles: 

Did you know that 76% of internet users are members of an online community? 

Almost everyone you know is probably a member of one or more groups, gatherings, sites, or chats.

Having a branded community does wonders for your brand. 

These are the greatest advantages of nurturing your own branded community: 

  • Loyal customers
  • Fewer support requests
  • Increased brand awareness

Knowing the importance of online communities, we at Passion are constantly working to improve our Community feature for Creators. 

In this article, we’ll cover the possibilities that our Community feature offers and show you how to get the most out of it.

Top 5 benefits of having your own online community

Here are some of the ways your brand could benefit if you nurture your online community:

  1. Get a better understanding of your customer. With an online community, you can spend more time with your customers and ask them relevant questions about the problems they face.
  2. Communicate more effectively. Online communities allow you to be closer to your customers, inspire them, challenge them to think and offer authentic solutions to their problems.
  3. You don't need a physical product. Your online community is a product. Feeling like part of a community is an essential human need, and many people would pay for it. 
  4. Encourage genuine connections. Members of your community will engage with the community if they feel like they have a place where their opinion is heard. This feeling of connection leads to increased trust and collaboration with you and your brand.
  5. Upsell better. If you want people to appreciate your brand, show them that you’re listening to them and that their ideas matter. Creators use online communities to foster meaningful relationships with their customers, resulting in increased upsell potential.

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Managing your community with Passion 

How does community management with Passion work? 

  • Enable Communities on the Pricing Plan page. Choose an existing plan and the product(s) where you want to activate the communities.
  • Inside a channel, you can add a message, and your customers can add comments and continue the discussion in the thread.
  • You can remove your clients' posts.
  • Customers can also delete their comments.
  • You can comment on a post with photos and videos.

Community Moderation

To bring more value to your customers, we also decided to make communities safer. 

Your customer will be asked to agree to the Terms and Conditions before they access the community function.

As members of your community, they’ll be able to: 

  • Flag a comment as sensitive
  • Block or unblock other members of the community

Once a comment gets 3 reports, it will be hidden from all members. 

As a creator of the app, you’ll be able to approve the comment or remove it.

Community members won’t be able to see comments from other members they have blocked. Instead, they’ll see “Message from a member you blocked”. If they click on the message, they will see the content of the message and the person who posted it. 

See the Community article in our Help Center for a step-by-step guide on: 

  • How to set up your Community feature
  • How to write a post 

How to create and manage multiple Communities with your Passion app

You can enable the Community feature in the PassionProducts Tab Settings. 

Once you post a topic in a community, called a channel, your clients can add comments to your post in that channel

As a moderator, you can edit and remove channels if you tap on the channel and hold.

If you click/tap Edit, you can edit your channel’s photo and details. After you're done editing, click Save.

Comments can also contain images and videos up to 30MB in size.

You also have the option to reply to comments. 

Community members can report comments. Once a comment has been reported three times, it will be hidden from all members, except you. You can then approve or remove the comment for everyone. 

Members can also block and unblock other members. 

Multiple Communities

With Multiple Communities, you can create various communities for different pricing plans, offering exclusive access to your most valuable members. 

This feature gives you the ability to create a limitless number of communities in your web app or your Android and iOS apps, and link them to one or more pricing plans. 

This means that you can create communities based on pricing plans and communicate with their members on a more personalized level. 

Create free, paid, or exclusive communities—the options are countless. 

Moreover, you can add or remove communities. Your existing community will be migrated into the new look of the dashboard and all your data will remain the same. 

What can you do with multiple communities?

Here are some of the use cases of Passion’s new multiple communities feature: 

Offer exclusive access  

People feel more connected and motivated to complete their tasks when they are a part of a community. A group of people who have the same goal is more powerful than a single person trying to achieve something. 

That’s why an exclusive community can be one of the main selling points of your higher-paying plans. Offer support for your customers and enable community members to be the biggest motivator of other members. 

Here’s how our PassionFighters community members encourage and motivate each other: 

Upsell better

Having more than one community can be one of the most powerful channels for you to convert low-paying members into high-paying ones. For example, you can have a community for the customers of your basic membership that costs $79. However, this only covers access to one of your courses and access to this community. 

After you’ve nurtured this community for a while and shown the real value you provide, you can make an offer listing one-on-one consultations and more exclusive content and resources. The chances for an upsell are pretty high because these people have been with you for some time and know that you make a difference in their lives. 

Talk to members one-on-one

Passion’s new feature will give you some options to start conversations with your members easily. If your offer includes one-on-one consultations for each member, this is a perfect option for you. 

Another example is if you want to check how your members are doing with the tasks you gave them. Let’s say you have a 30-day challenge. Checking how members are doing at the end of each week will do wonders to motivate them to complete their tasks and maybe sign up for another of your programs. 

Start discussions on different topics 

Create different channels inside a community and discuss different topics with community members. This will level up the personalization of your offer. 

For example, you might have a community for the meal plan you’re offering. However, you also have vegan members you’re creating separate plans for. Creating a channel for vegan members would add extra value to your offer and give them a space where they can express their desires and opinions. 

Ready to get started with multiple communities? 

Now, let’s see how you can create and manage your communities with Passion. 

1. Create a community

To create a community, go to your Pricing Plan section, and select the features (you have Tracking and Communities) and courses you want to include. 

The created communities will have a cover image, and you can select multiple communities that you want to be linked to a pricing plan.

2. Edit/remove communities

Once created, the community is shown on the Community list page. Here, you can edit or remove communities: 

3. Manage your multiple communities

Once you access a community, you will see its Channels, Messages and Members tab. The community name is displayed on top.

When you have unread DMs inside a community, you’ll see a notification with the number of unread messages.

4. Message your community members 

To create a new message or channel, press the + sign on the upper right part of the Community tab.

Cultivating a community has countless advantages for your online business. By offering insights into the interests and requirements of customers, communities may increase customer retention, improve brand reputation, lower support costs, and enable more participatory modes of communication.

Passion has leveled up its community features to help you manage your community effortlessly.