We’re still focused on improving our community feature, so a big part of this week’s release has something to do with community.

Here are all the changes that we made: 

  • The Profile tab of the app has been slightly redesigned. 
  • We added the Notification History page to the Profile tab. 
  • You and your clients can now tag people within community channels. 
  • You can tag the entire channel by typing @channel. 
  • We've improved the 'Rename tabs' feature.
  • We removed the Payments tab.

Let’s see all these changes in detail. 

A redesigned Profile tab

We made some changes in the app’s Profile tab. Here’s how the Profile tab looked before vs. how it looks now: 



A new Notification History page 

We created a Notification History page for your web & mobile apps. 

You can see it by entering your Profile tab and clicking the bell icon in the top right corner of the screen. 

On this page, you’ll be able to see the following notifications: 

  • When someone replies to your comment
  • When someone sends you a message
  • When someone tags you in a channel 

Tag people in community channels

Now, you and your clients can now tag people within community channels. 

To do this, simply go to the channel and type “@” or tap the “@” button and type the name of the person. 

You’ll be able to see all your tags on the Notification History page. 

Notify all channel members by tagging the entire channel

You can also tag the entire channel by typing @channel. 

Every person in the channel will get a notification on their Notifications History page. 

Additional updates

  • We've improved the 'Rename tabs' feature by making the new tab name consistent across the app—the page name and page tab title are now also updated. 
  • We removed the Payments tab to focus all our capacities on delivering highly-requested big features in the following period that will bring a lot of value to your businesses. In the meantime, the quickest and most accurate way for you to get payment data is to log into the platforms you use to collect payments. Please visit your payment provider to access the data.

🔎 In case you missed it

Some other changes we did recently:

❗Important information 

To see these changes, your app needs to be up-to-date. Please go to your Passion Dashboard > Sales Channels  > Apple App Store setup (for your iOS app) or Google Play Store (for your Android App).

If the version number you see is anything lower than 3.5, you need to click on the ‘Submit for review’ button, and then follow the steps explained here for Apple App Store setup and for Google Play Store.


We have more updates planned for you very soon! To stay tuned with our product updates, check our PassionFighters Facebook community and your email. To make sure our emails don’t go to your spam folder, check out this video