Born in Czech Republic, Lenka is currently living in Spain. She has always been passionate about solving problems the creative way. Out of work, she also gets pretty hooked onto snow boarding, photo journalism, and enjoys a good talk over wine and cheese.

What was your most exciting project to date?

Problem-solving is the most exciting part of product design, no matter if it’s an implementation of a new feature or enhancements of current designs. Crafting visual outcomes delightful to use, yet fine-tuned to the market and business needs is what makes Product Design at so exciting to me.

For instance, solving the problem of users with the iOS app submission through an intuitive user journey on the platform was a very exciting project to work on. The goal was to reduce the time until the app is live, removing any blockers and unnecessary steps and making the whole process smooth as cream in "pasteis de nata" (which means.. very smooth, yum!).

What advice would you share with women entering the tech field? Anything you wish you had known?

​​Don’t be afraid to connect with other women-in-tech. Meetups are a great way to start, alongside communities like Womenintech or Shecancode. There are also many great mentor programs out there like where you can find the right person to learn from and get to understand what suits you the best in order to achieve your career progression faster.

Stay curious and keep learning. The tech industry is such an exciting and fun industry to be working in. It is constantly developing, so staying up to date with the latest technology is so important. There are plenty of great online courses available, same as webinars and conferences to attend.

What's the one primary thing you would change in your working environment to break the bias of being a woman in the tech industry?

One of the core values of is #speakyourheart which encourages everyone, regardless of gender or race, to communicate fearlessly, openly, and with confidence. That would be the one thing I wish to be the case in other workspaces. 

As opportunities in the tech industry continue to grow, I hope them to be equal for everyone - including women who, I believe, can bring diverse perspectives, especially in leadership positions.

Who is your role model in this field?

I have been fortunate to work with great professionals who are references in my life and have helped me in my development, I am very grateful to all of them. If you will, allow me to focus on the ones I have currently around me - my dear colleagues in the product team. They are extremely encouraging, supportive, and friendly, proving their professionalism and drive to constantly improve the product and themselves - they #leadbyexample (another core company value) and that is very motivating.

What is the best professional advice you've ever received?

More than the advice, I would say a life motto reflected my professional and personal life: “Great things never came from comfort zones.” What that means to me is: "Don’t put yourself limits, take a risk to set yourself on a new path. Be confident in your own possibilities to achieve whatever you set your mind to." 

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