Creating great-looking videos is an essential part of making a successful coaching app. If your videos are low quality and poorly produced, it can become a real struggle to convey your knowledge effectively on screen.

You might find your students signing out of your app and looking for lessons elsewhere.

Not an ideal situation.  

Producing great content must be at the center of all the videos you produce. But how can you make your videos look professional when you don’t know a thing about video editing?

Luckily, there are plenty of video editing software options out there for beginners. No matter what your budget, you can find an application or platform that will suit your needs.

To make life even easier for you, we’ve produced a list of video editing software and tools. You can use the list below to research video editing options and find the right fit for your business.

And we’ve split the list into 4 categories; web editors, free tools, built-in tools, and paid software.

Happy editing.

Web-based video editors

These are editors that live on the internet. You can sign up for them using an email and you can edit your videos on the web.



It has a video mode but is extremely limited in features. It would be a headache to produce anything specific for your app. It is a very good platform for producing infographics and pictures though.  



Kapwing has a lot of features designed for adding elements to video clips. You can add banners, subtitles, and images to your videos. However, its major drawback is that it is very difficult to cut clips on the platform.


It has a free trial then prices start at $19 mo.

Zubtitle is great for adding captions to videos. You can also add banners and other images. It only has limited abilities to cut clips though. This platform would work great if you don’t need to trim your videos.

ClipChamp [Recommended]

Its basic version is free and prices start at $9 mo.

This is the best in-browser editor I’ve tested. Just be aware that to export videos at a higher quality than 480p you will need to pay a subscription.

Free video editing software

These editors are all free to download and will live on your computer.


OpenShot is 100% free and simple to use. It does not have many advanced features though and is prone to being laggy/buggy.


Another 100% free video software tool, but it has a confusing user interface that can take a while to get your head around.


This is feature-packed for a free editor but it has an advanced learning curve and a complex user interface. If you’re looking for a video editor that you want to invest time in mastering this could be a good option for you.


VideoPad has a lot of nice features and has all the tools a beginner would need to edit videos. It’s only downside is the user interface. It is unique to VideoPad, so familiarity with any other editor won't help.

DaVinci Resolve [Recommended]

The DaVinci Resolve has cutting-edge video editing/grading software that has a free-to-use version. In my opinion, its the best free editor on the market for professionals, but will be intimidating to beginners.

Built-in video editors

These editors come free with a laptop or operating system.

Windows 10 - Video Maker

Apple - iMovie

Both have basic tools required to create videos, but certain features are missing that can cause a headache. You could use these in conjunction with an editor listed above to get the full suite of video software editing tools you need.

Paid software

Below are listed the paid options you could consider for video editing software.

Filmora9 [Recommended]

Prices start at $45 per year

Really easy to use and clear. There are a great number of features for beginners with space for advanced users to make the most of the software. The free version has a watermark over it that makes it unusable, but the paid plans are very affordable.

Final Cut Pro

Price $385

The next step up from Filmora in terms of price. Final Cut has increased functionality but it is more advanced and difficult to use.

Adobe Premiere Pro

Prices start at $40 per month

Premiere Pro is considered Industry-standard for video editing and the best on the market. We use it internally at and so do most professionals. Premiere Pro was used to create all our learning resources like the App Breakthrough System.  It has a steep learning curve and a price point to match. It requires a very powerful computer but has all the features you’d need to make professional videos.