Multiple communities, UX improvements & more

Since last month, you can create multiple communities and attach them to different pricing plans, taking the communication with your clients to the next level. We also released some UX improvements and fixed some usability issues. Let’s break them down.

Multiple communities

After the release of our community moderation improvements, we wanted to make our community feature even stronger, so we decided to empower you to create multiple communities. 

This update allows you to build an unlimited number of communities on your web app, or your Android and iOS apps, and attach them to one or more payment plans. 

As a result, you can create communities based on pricing strategies and engage in more personalized communication with your members.

Check out how to set up and manage your multiple communities, as explained by Dan: 

What can you do with multiple communities? 

  • Create an inner circle for exclusive members of your higher-paying plans and make your community one of your main selling points. 
  • Upsell better after you’ve nurtured your community for a while, offering members one-on-one consultations and more exclusive content. 
  • Personalize conversations with clients as you got new options to start a chat with your community members easily. Check how your members are doing and always stay connected. 
  • Create different channels for different topics inside a community to level up the personalization of your offering. 

For more information on setting up multiple communities, check out our feature announcement

UX improvements in the Web App sidebar 

We made the sidebar of the web app more visible and user-friendly. We expanded it and removed the Logout button. Now, the Logout button is only displayed in the Profile section. 

This is the new look: 

More improvements

In August, we also had some smaller fixes & improvements: 

  • We fixed the problem with PassionMessaging push notifications—your customers will get a push notification 1 hour after signing up for your app.
  • Some Creators had a problem with the font for users in the Tracking section on mobile apps because it appeared too dark. With this fix, after selecting the theme colours, you’ll be able to read the names of the users in the Tracking section. 
  • PassionFighters who have apps in Chinese had a problem with the app cutting the top part of the symbols. This is now fixed and all Chinese names are displayed correctly.
  • Header video from the "Discover" page is now captured in the screenshot builder and sent to the app stores.
  • We also fixed the usability issues with your selected app theme colors - all the colors you chose will be transparently & accurately displayed across all tabs and sections of your app.

This was our August update, and we’re preparing a lot of new stuff for September. 

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