We have been preparing this for quite a long time, and now we’re finally ready to say: We redesigned the courses in your app!

Let’s get straight to the point and see what we’ve prepared:

Redesigned courses 

We implemented a clean design for your courses that matches the brand colors you set in your Passion.io dashboard. 

The course details page is also expanded, and we’ve made the download of your lessons much easier. 

The course list now looks like this: 

The lesson screen is also adjusted to the new design. We’ve implemented a new look for the different text formats and widgets you can add to your lessons. 

This is how the lessons look on desktop now: 

Finally, we’ve reimagined how interactive exercises look on your app: 

And, refreshed the look of your timed exercises: 

🔎 In case you missed it

Some other changes we did recently:


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