According to Forbes Coaches Council, having a strong personal brand has been a huge trend in recent years. It can help you stand out from the competition, attract your ideal clients, and increase your credibility and authority. A personal brand is how you present yourself to the world, and therefore how your products or services are perceived in the market. 

Standing out is more challenging than ever in today's market, especially for coaches and creators. Social media is drowning in huge volumes of low quality, copycat content. With everyone competing for attention online, distinguishing your brand becomes more important and difficult at the same time. That's where the power of custom apps comes into play. Custom apps are a golden ticket to coaches and creators looking to establish strong brands in 2024.

Mobile Presence and the Impact on Brand

Smartphones are not just a part of our lives, they’re at the heart of how we connect, learn, and engage. This shift towards mobile consumption has changed the old concept of branding for coaches and creators. Being present on mobile platforms is no longer a luxury for coaches —it's a necessity. And the best way to ensure you can offer a mobile-first experience is through your own custom app.

A custom app for your brand means more than just being accessible to your audience; it means becoming a part of their daily digital lives. It offers a special zone for your brand to stand out, isolated from the social media crowd and competition. Imagine a space where everything that makes your brand special—your content, your services, and your unique selling points—is easily accessible with a single tap.

5 Reasons Your Custom App Helps You Create a Strong Brand

Brand-focused app development process

Unique Brand Identity

Your brand identity sets you apart from the endless ocean of content and competitors on social media. Custom apps offer an unmatched platform to show your target audience who you are and what you stand for. Unlike generic social media profiles, a custom app is a fully customizable space where every color, feature, and piece of content can reflect your brand's essence - and you never sit alongside your competitors

When a client opens your app and immediately steps into a world that you've created, they resonate with your message and become loyal fans of your brand. 

This is the power of custom apps—they transform your brand identity from a concept into a living, breathing experience. Whether it's through the design aesthetics, the interactive elements, or the way you deliver content, your app becomes a direct reflection of your brand's personality, values, and vision.

Standing Out from the Competition

Social media platforms are constantly changing their algorithms, making it hard to reach your audience and stand out from the crowd. Your custom app is a unique and safe space where you can control your brand, connect with your users, and build a loyal community. Unlike social media, where users are bombarded with ads and content, your custom app offers a deeper and more meaningful engagement that turns users into advocates for your brand. Your custom app also allows you to create personalized and exclusive content, offer rewards and incentives, and provide an experience your competitors can’t. . 

Enhanced User Engagement 

Custom apps are the most interactive and engaging platforms for your audience. Whether it's through personalized content, gamification, or community features, apps create an environment that encourages users to connect with your brand on a deeper level.

Direct Communication 

Unlike social media, where your message can get lost in an ocean of copycat content, a branded custom app provides a direct line to your audience. You can announce new content, encourage habits, and promote your latest offer with full confidence 100% of your audience will see it. This is the power of native push notifications and your own in-app community.

Boosting Revenue with A Custom App

When it comes to translating brand identity and customer loyalty into tangible revenue growth, custom apps are game-changers. They not only enhance the branding experience but also open up new monetization opportunities beyond traditional advertising or sales channels. Subscriptions and premium content are just the tip of the iceberg.

Imagine offering exclusive content through your app that can't be found anywhere else, content that truly adds value to your audience's life or business. This could range from in-depth tutorials, exclusive video content, or early access to new products or services. 

How Our Creators and Coaches Build Unique Brands with

Coach using custom app for client interaction

SmartWorkout App

Before launching their app, SmartWorkout operated as an e-commerce business, offering unbreakable resistance bands and related fitness products. However, they faced limitations in extending their "workout anywhere" philosophy to structured fitness programs. 

The introduction of their mobile app through not only addressed this challenge but also enhanced their brand significantly. By providing a digital platform for structured workout programs, SmartWorkout expanded its brand from a product-centric approach to a comprehensive fitness solution provider. 

This transition strengthened their brand identity and customer perception, positioning them as innovators in the fitness industry. The app's seamless integration with their e-commerce platform facilitated app sales, contributing to increased revenue and customer engagement. Overall, enabled SmartWorkout to elevate its brand by offering a holistic fitness experience, integrating digital solutions with their existing e-commerce business model.

Hospitality Concierge

Before launching her own app through, Mandy Murry operated Hospitality Concierge, assisting boutique hotels and bed-and-breakfast owners in enhancing guest experiences, marketing, operations, and sales. With, Mandy strengthened her brand by offering a comprehensive digital platform accessible 24/7 to her clients. 

The app served as a support system, handling technical aspects and continually adding features. Through her app, Mandy differentiated herself by offering tailored solutions, empowering clients with expertise and cost-effective tools. helped her to maintain commitment to the hospitality industry by providing tools to enhance guest experiences. 

The results speak volumes: a $1 million increase in revenue within a year, 100% client focus, increased customer satisfaction, and strengthened brand recognition. Ultimately, having her own app deepened client relationships, established Mandy as an industry leader, and allowed her to share her passion for hospitality effectively.

Journey to Rise

Makinsey Chilcote, a busy mom of four young children, once worked full-time as a personal trainer but now dedicates just one day a week to her clients due to family commitments. To maximize her time and reach more people, she envisioned converting her services into an app. After encountering challenges with developers, Makinsey discovered and swiftly embarked on her app-building journey.

With the assistance of, Makinsey's app, "Journey to Rise," was developed in just 30 days. This streamlined process allowed her to focus on content creation and client engagement rather than technical concerns. The app, aimed at helping individuals make sustainable lifestyle changes, garnered significant attention during its launch campaign, earning $10,000 from founding members alone.

Makinsey's clients appreciate the app's features, including tracking functionalities and community engagement tools. With's support, Makinsey successfully navigated the complexities of app submission and management, freeing her to concentrate on delivering valuable content and fostering a supportive community.

Experimenting with various pricing plans and community structures, Makinsey continually refines her offerings to best serve her target audience. With over 100 users already benefiting from her app, Makinsey's innovative approach exemplifies how empowers entrepreneurs to realize their vision and serve their clients effectively.

Why Is Your Ideal Partner

Custom app with push notifications, community features and in-app purchases is more than just a platform; it’s your partner in creating a custom app that transforms your brand and boosts your revenue. With, you can design your app to match your brand’s identity and appeal to your audience. You can also monetize your app with subscription models, premium content, or in-app purchases. Plus, you can access insightful analytics to understand your users and optimize your offerings and marketing. helps you build an app that is relevant, engaging, and profitable.


The digital landscape is evolving at an unprecedented pace, and the importance of having a custom app for your brand cannot be overstated. As we look towards 2024 and beyond, the role of custom apps in establishing a strong digital presence, enhancing brand identity, and driving revenue growth becomes increasingly clear. The direct correlation between innovative branding strategies, such as launching your custom app, and the potential for increased revenue is undeniable.

Don't let another year pass by watching from the sidelines. It's time to take the reins of your brand's future and make 2024 the year you break through the digital noise with your very own custom app. With, the process is simpler, faster, and more effective than you ever imagined. Start your journey towards a distinguished brand and higher revenue today by exploring the possibilities with Let's create something extraordinary together.

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