January was a BIG month at Passion.io. 

We redesigned our courses & released a ton of new stuff.

Here’s an overview: 

  • Course redesign for your users
  • A new header option for your sales page
  • An improved layout of the community tab
  • More information about the app submission process
  • More

Let’s see what these changes look like:

Course Redesign for Your Users

We implemented a clean design for your courses that matches the brand colors you set in your Passion.io dashboard. 

The course details page is also expanded, and we’ve made the download of your lessons much easier. 

The course list now looks like this: 

The lesson screen is also adjusted to the new design. We’ve implemented a new look for the different text formats and widgets you can add to your lessons. 

This is how the lessons look on desktop now: 

Finally, we’ve reimagined how interactive exercises look on your app: 

And, refreshed the look of your timed exercises: 

A New Header Option for Your Sales Page

We added a new widget to the Sales Page editor that enables you to add a different header view at the top of your sales page. 

Now you can see two header widgets: old and new. So, you can still use the old layout if you like it better. 

The new header has: 

🟡 Same options as the current one but a different layout for web and mobile [check photo below]

🟡 No gray overlay

🟡 The image is square

An Improved Layout of the Community Tab for Both Web & Mobile

We did some small improvements to how the community tab looks: 

🟡 Better contrast for channels with unread messages

🟡 Improved visual consistency with your app’s theme colors

More Information About the App Submission Process

We wanted to make it easier for you to submit your app and better understand the entire process. Find the tooltips in your Sales Page builder like on the photo below.

More Updates

✅ All apps are now available for search in the Passion.io app

✅ Loading improvements

Webinar - Courses

If you want to find out more about how our new course design looks like and see some great app examples, check the recording of the webinar we had last week: 

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